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Thursday, March 29, 2007

PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Final

~Well, it's the last part of PERKASA's Annual Dinner 2007. I guess I've finished my responsibility as a friend to keep these memories right here . Yeah, of course it's for our children and grandchildren to see how our teenage life is, hehe... And once again, sorry if the pictures and captions hurt you. Report to me if you don't like your pictures published right over here. Till then... Friends Forever!~

Man and Man Relationship

Me and Mok

Erman and Mok

Mat Ta and Mok

Mok and Muaz
(Damn, why got a lot of Mok's pictures right here?)

Me and Doz

Woman and woman Relationship

Err... Readers, please don't think of anything bad ok?
It's just a friendship hug.

Yeah, yeah, a friendship glue.

Man and Woman Relationship

What a memory for bloggers and shouter taking pictures together!

But when taking too much pictures, it will become boring too...


Me and Pja

Respect the elders, ok?

Man: Wah, so beautiful arrr......
Woman: Hehe... no laa... Just simple clothing is enough for me already.
Man: No! I mean the girl over there...
Woman: What?!!!
Man: Yeah, that girl! Can you introduce her to me?
Woman: Don't want!
Man: Please.... I'll give you this flower. You introduce me to her, please...
Woman: Don't want!!!!

It's definitely a very lucky night if you can snap a photo with the girls

But when somebody comes and steals the girl from you, you will try to involve yourself in their relationship.
What the...

Taking a wrong step would end up with a break up.

Pink and Red
(Don't you think it's hot? :P)

~Alright, that's all from me. After few decades, feel free to visit this blog again and see how handsome, pretty and cool we are!!!~

Friday, March 23, 2007

PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Part 2

~Alright, all of you are waiting for this post right? Now you got it as requested. And once again, the pictures as well as the captions are not made for insulting people or taking revenges on someone. If there's anyone of you who is not satisfied with what I put for the captions please let me know. I will be the first one to say sorry. So, enjoy it!~

After the event ended (with lots of nice performances from the students and the lecturer), it's time for ...


Hungry eagles looking for food.

Roommates won't miss the golden chance to take a picture together for memories.

Ready for the comments from our children and grandchildren at the way we pose in front of a camera.

Sometimes when we get older, we will miss our teenage life. Playing around and taking pictures with friends definitely the most previous time in our life.

Sometimes you will get too exited when those small kids ask you to play Barbie dolls with them.

Sometimes you will never know somebody will take a picture of you while you are taking pictures. Don't blame that person. Blame the way you take pictures.

Usually flowers have leaves and thorns.

Usually people won't give their precious things to other people because the owner afraid that the person will have a difficult time to learn how to use the thing.

Son: Mummy, I want to pee.
Mummy: Alright son. Go to the flower garden behind our house and pee at the rose garden.
Son: Alright Mum.
Mummy: Remember don't pee on the flower and the stem. Just pee on to the soil.
Son: Alright Mum!
(Natural fertilizer is better than chemically made!)

Usually a magician will bring the person back after the magician had the person disappeared.

Sometimes you will get frustrated when no one noticed that you got something new.

Sneezing in front of people is impolite. But sometimes it is Ok if you can't control it. Just say 'Excuse me' or 'Damn, I sneezed on you!'.

The first thing you got to do when you are at a concert is getting ourself out of that crowd.

~Err... where's the cameraman?~

~Serious, don't ruin our own image.~

~Alright everybody! Follow me!~

Errr... what else huh?

I think that's all for tonight...

Keep supporting my...

~Next post : PERKASA's Annual Dinner 2007 - Final (Thursday night)~

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

PERKASA'S Annual Dinner 2007 - Part 1

~I have to separate it from Myluxuryparadise because I need to upload lots of Annual Dinner's photos. Therefore, we can view them easily, even after 30-40 years from now. All the captions are made for jokes only. It is not an insult or any bad revenges to someone. I would like to say sorry if it hurts. Please drop down some comments if it hurts your feelings. I hope all of you will enjoy them. Thank you.~

On 17th of March 2007 (Sat), PERKASA(UMP) organized an annual dinner for all the UMP's civil engineering students and staffs. The annual dinner was held at the MS Garden Hotel Kuantan Pahang. Started around 8pm and finished at 11.30pm. Theme-'Glamour Executive'

It is a very nice ballroom. That's how people make business. They have to make it the best for their customers. PERKASA chose the right place for the annual dinner. Congratulation! Quite a high-class place for annual dinner.

All the guests were busy choosing the best place for themselves. The best view to watch the performances on stage and the best view to take some photos anytime they want during the period.

The food was Ok! But don't know why I got no appetite to eat. I ate a little and a small cup of ice-cream. But it's ok for me.

Butterflower ate this. Not me.

Juries for the tv program 'Iron Chef'.

Bored? Let's take some pictures.

Err... What are they doing actually? No idea.

A boring performance? Let's take some pictures.

Forcing yourself to eat is not good.

Mind your own business.

Special gifts to the lucky ones.

The king of the night goes to...

Sometimes jealousy happens...

Don't ever give up.

Singing is tiring.

Practice makes perfect.

Learning something new everyday is good too.

Don't ever get too excited when you already know how to use the equipment and know how the things work.

Sometimes boys need to learn how to play netball. Girls should know how to play rugby.

Appreciation to those who sit on the bench and keep on shouting at his own players.

Everybody must know how to solve any kind of problems.
Chapter 1: Problem Solving

Forever young. You are not too late to be a superstar.

Expect the unexpected!